“It’s like going from a Casio Keyboard to a Steinway Grand piano”

Local cincinnati musician uses hand crafted guitar
A great guitar in my opinion is sound, feel, and asthetics. Fortenbery guitars stand head and shoulders above any guitar you will find in a guitar store and can easily stand among the best of any hand-built custom guitar.

The way I describe the Fortenbery against any guitar you can by in a store is: “It’s like going from a Casio Keyboard to a Steinway Grand piano” These guitars have such a life and depth to them and the first time you strum them you can hear and feel the whole instrument resonate. The tonal balance and overtone harmonics are so beautiful that it redefined the way I heard the acoustic. I was baffled at how the sound of the Fortenbery dreadnought dwarfed the tonal quality my 1967 Brazilian Rosewood Martin D-28. Jeff’s understanding of the craft of bringing wood together to be beautiful and a work of art is rarely found as is his attention to detail.

Jeff is an artist and a craftsman that any musician can feel safe working with to create a one of a kind instrument that is suited to them. I feel better recommending one of Jeff’s guitars to my friends than I do any other guitar on the market.
-Jim Zartman

Worth waiting 18 years for! Having played a modest Alvarez Regent for 18 years, I had from time to time looked at upgrading to something better. But just before purchasing a Martin D-28, I met Jeff. Not only did he take the time to make my modest $200 Regent sound better but after playing a Fortenbery, I was instantly sold on his Exodus model. He even asked someone to video tape me playing so that he could see how to customize my guitar that much more. Jeff’s commitment to precision craftsmanship, to detailed “one-of-a-kind” customization and his swell personality make Fortenbery guitars a must for all music/guitar lovers!
-Su Ahn

As a builder Jeff’s guitars far exceed anything you’ll find in your local music shop and as for repair’s Jeff will have my business for life. Simply a great builder and artist!
-Nathan Franckhauser

Absolutely Incredible!!! I took my Gibson J-100 Xtra to Fortenbery and within a few days I received a call explaining all the problems with it and how to fix them. I was told that a custom bone nut and a basic set up would cure these problems. Once all the work was done I went to go pick it up and could not believe what I was holding in my hands! My Gibson has never played better or sounded better! The craftsmanship put into the bone nut was immaculate and the set up was spot on! The clarity of the guitar has increased ten fold and the action is superb. Without a doubt this guitar needs to be renamed a “Fortenbery J-100 Xtra”.
-Adam BlackMilford, OH

WOW, I just recieved my Fortenbery “sound machine” a few days ago. I knew it would be a wonderful guitar, but when I got home with it, and sat down in my quiet corner and began to seriously play – tears began to fall. I was blown away. The SOUND was something I truly cannot find the words to describe, and the beauty with the amazing detail was beautiful. I know I will never play another guitar that pleases me as this one. And for icing on the cake, Jeff is a joy to work with.
-David Fitts, St. Petersburg, FL

I’m a casual guitar player and don’t do a lot of playing, but I consider my new Fortenbery guitar to be one of my prized possessions. When I do take it out for a little picking and strumming it feels as good as my favorite pair of jeans, so I’m playing more now than I have over the last twenty years! I’ve had more than one friend tell me that my guitar is the best looking one they have ever seen, and they’re right! The attention to detail is impressive; the way the wood grain is perfectly matched and aligned, the custom inlay work on the top, even the headstock and heel caps are perfectly book matched! My first guitar had rosewood back and sides as well, so I guess they’re similar – but only in the way my first car – a German Volkswagen Beetle is similar to my new German BMW 5 series! -Joe Morris, Dallas, TX

Jeff is a marriage counselor for an instrument and its owner. He will have you fall in love all over again. I purchased a new Martin JC-16RE AURA that I was very happy with but I felt it could be better or something was missing so i asked Jeff to take a look at it. He took the guitar and not only made it play like a dream but also fixed some flaws straight from the Martin factory. Jeff’s heart is truly into his work and he is the only person I would trust to better my guitars. BTW My guitar and I are still on our honeymoon!
-Darrin McKinney, Cincinnati, OH